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43,65 EUR*
Details Pragmatic Strategy: Eastern Wisdom, Global Success

Pragmatism is enjoying a renaissance in management studies and the social sciences. Once written off as amoral, relativist and opposed to the ideals of Truth, Reason and Progress, it is now regaining influence in public policy, international relations ...

40,99 EUR*
Details Winning in the Global Market: A Practical Guide to International Business Success

A guide that enables firms of different experience levels to explore the possibilities international markets hold and, if they are already engaged, to improve their international operations. It shows readers how to conduct an international SWOT ...

105,21 EUR*
Details Negotiating and Navigating Global Health: Case Studies in Global Health Diplomacy

Negotiating and Navigating Global Health Provides insight on how negotiations on global health issues have transpired, the successes, challenges, failures, tools and frameworks for negotiation, mechanisms of policy coherence, ways to achieve global ...

28,71 EUR*
Details Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success

The current global economic environment is defined by unprecedented uncertainty, a premium placed on knowledge, and the threat of future talent scarcity. Key to an organization's success under these conditions is its ability to strengthen the links ...

75,79 EUR*
Details The Global Business Handbook: The Eight Dimensions of International Management

A nation's economic success depends on the capacity of its companies and trading organizations to develop business relationships, trade and do business in the international arena. Doing business across borders subtly changes the processes and skills ...

123,04 EUR*
Details Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies: Composition, Conceptualization and Direction in the Global Economy: Composition, Conceptualizatin and ... (International Political Economy Series)

Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies This comprehensive study of the rise of multinational corporations from emerging economies explores the basis of their success. Andrea Goldstein argues that the history of multinational business offers ...

4,38 EUR*
Details Fame: Robert Pattinson

Fame Though his star meter skyrocketed with the global sensation, "Twilight," Robert Pattinson's ability and dedication to acting has him poised for lasting success beyond the series of vampire flicks. Unlike a simple chronological biography, this ...

19,15 EUR*
Details Bridges of Trust: Making Accountability Authentic

Trust, the most important issue facing the world today, lies at the foundation of every relationship. Trust is the keystone of success in work and in life. It's the new global currency. It crosses cultures and generations. Building and restoring trust ...

45,49 EUR*
Details NGOs as Advocates for Development in a Globalising World

This book traces the recent growth in NGO advocacy. Rugendyke presents empirical findings about the impacts of NGO advocacy activity on the policies and practices of global and regional institutions. The research reveals the mixed successes of ...

19,95 EUR*
Details Primary Health Care in Cuba: The Other Revolution

Primary Health Care in Cuba Cuba's primary health care system is a well-known and well-hidden jewel of global health care. It has eradicated malaria and polio, and curtailed HIV/AIDS and dengue fever. This book focuses on the successes of Cuba's ...

92,99 EUR*
Details Corporate Strategy, Public Policy and New Technologies: Philips and the European Consumer Electronics Industry (Language & Communication Library)

Corporate Strategy, Public Policy and New Technologies Based on a study of the electronics giant Philips, this book examines the key factors which have determined the success or failure of technologies and the global competitiveness of firms within a ...